Yoga Session for NCR-CET Faculty

Yoga Session with Dr. Yogi Wajahat. Unwind, reconnect & discover inner strength – a day of healing & shared memories.

A Day of Inner Peace and Renewal

What if I told you that a single day could be filled with immense energy, spiritual healing, a walk down memory lane, and much more? Well, that’s exactly what happened at the NCR-CET faculty’s recent yoga session led by the renowned Pakistani fitness and wellness expert, Dr. Yogi Wajahat.

The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as we gathered, eager to embark on this unique journey. Dr. Wajahat, with his warm smile and infectious enthusiasm, immediately put us at ease. His opening remarks resonated deeply, reminding us that yoga is not just about physical postures, but a holistic practice that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Session Key Moments

As we began the session, the initial awkwardness melted away. Dr. Wajahat’s expert guidance led us through a series of gentle stretches and poses, each one carefully chosen to target different muscle groups and energy meridians. With each inhale and exhale, we felt a sense of calm washing over us, replacing the daily stress with a newfound peace.

But the session wasn’t just about physical movements. Dr. Wajahat skillfully weaved in elements of mindfulness and meditation, inviting us to connect with our inner selves and rediscover the forgotten corners of our being. As we closed our eyes and focused on our breath, a wave of nostalgia washed over many of us. Memories from the past, both joyful and poignant, surfaced, reminding us of who we are and the journey we’ve taken.

Importance of the Yoga Session

The session wasn’t just about individual reflection; it was also about shared experience. The camaraderie among the faculty members was palpable as we laughed, groaned (in a good way!), and supported each other through the various poses. This shared experience created a powerful bond, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles and triumphs.

By the end of the session, we emerged feeling rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. The aches and pains that had plagued us seemed to have vanished, replaced by a newfound sense of lightness and well-being. But more importantly, we left with a renewed sense of connection – to ourselves, to our colleagues, and to the world around us.

Experience of the Yoga Session

The NCR-CET yoga session with Dr. Yogi Wajahat was more than just a physical activity; it was a transformative experience. It was a day of immense energy, spiritual healing, and a powerful reminder of the importance of self-care and connection. And for that, we are truly grateful.

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