Code of Conduct

Maintaining discipline during lectures or Laboratory sessions is of prime importance. The Campus is a No-Smoking Area. Any student found violating the discipline is subject to severe punishment or even expulsion. The students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the college. It is expected of them that they are well-behaved, disciplined, and responsible. Any student’s gross conduct leading to disruption of the college routine or academic discipline will be dealt with ruthlessly. Necessary disciplinary action will be taken against those students who damage the college property, pose threat to faculty members, remain absent, have poor academic records, or engage in theft or stealing.

code of conduct


electronic attendance

The administrative staff of the college takes every possible measure to ensure strictly the students’ punctuality and regularity. We work and wish for making every student attendance-conscious so that each and every student at the NCR-CET attains attendance as high as 90% though the BIEK requires 75% of attendance for eligibility to appear at the Board Examinations.

Parent Teacher Meeting

The College holds an annual Parent Teacher Meeting in which our students’ attendance record and their academic performance reports are placed before their parents for open discussion and action where necessary.

Student Leave Rule

Any student wanting leave needs to apply for it in advance. He or she can avail leave subject to the approval of his/her application by the principal. Students who fail to do so are considered absent from the college.