NCR-CET Mission:

The mission of the NCR-CET Intermediate College is to strive for betterment of education and uplifting its standard by making every classroom a real learning place. The aim is to focus on practical and interactive learning programs relying not only on learning within the classroom but also based on outside academic activities , such as, study tours, science exhibitions and seminars. This college provides futuristic vision through development of education in the fields of science, engineering, commerce thereby providing education to our students in a manner that serves to fullfil their future ambitions and aspirations. The creative and positive learning environment enables them to achieve high academic standards using their intellactual, physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

Best College 2004:

The NCR-CET Intermediate College received the “Best College Award in 2004” from the Government of Sindh for implementing the “Instructor – Led E-Learning Methodology” at NCR-CET.

Mayamar-e-Watan Award:

The NCR-CET Intermediate College also received the “Maymar – e – Watan” award from the Government Of Sindh for introducing Technology in the College.

NCR-CET Share in the BIEK’s Annual Results:

The NCR-CET has set up an excellent example by producing excellent results year after year. The college has made remarkable academic achievements in a span over a decade since its inception.. It’s academic achievements are praise-worthy. Following is the track record of top positions baged by the NCR-CET students in the exams held by the BIEK.