NCR-CET College Director Ghulam Mahmood Desmukh

Ghulam Mahmood Desmukh

The advancement of technology and its extensive and intensive use in all spheres of life has brought about changes for the better. All the business, medical, engineering, commercial, and even domestic activities are now being performed, in general, more effectively, efficiently, and speedily saving time, and labor, with appropriate use of technology except for educational activities. Even today’s modern kitchen is far more richly equipped with technological appliances than an educational institution. A kitchen is simply a food factory, whereas, an educational institution is not a factory but is like a factory in which we educate and train our students to develop the attributes of intelligent behavior namely:

  1. Think and reason,
  2. Use reason to solve problems,
  3. Learn and understand from experiences and experiments,
  4. Acquire and apply knowledge to study cases.

There are many ways to use IT in education as there are educational activities to be performed, education problems to be solved, and education opportunities to be pursued. In the NCR-CET, the knowledge base of an expert system contains facts about a specific subject area. There are methods of knowledge representation, such as rule-based, object-based, subject based, and case-based. All these methods of dissemination of knowledge are in operation at the NCR-CET through the use of IT. It is a pity that the most important field of education is placed at the bottom of the nation’s priorities so far as the use of IT is concerned. It is this pitiable condition that compelled me to explore ways and means to introduce technology as an effective aid to teaching and learning. I am proud that we have successfully done it. In my opinion, the highly beneficial use of technology in educational activities can hardly be over-emphasized. It has a vital role to play in modern education.