Instructor Led E-Learning Method

Technology has brought about changes in almost all walks of life except academics, that too, in Pakistan. The use of technology is not an end in itself but a means to an end. However, our traditional education system, in my opinion, has become operatively inefficient and needs to be replaced with newer methods of effective teaching and learning through the use of technology. The NCR-CET has taken up this task to develop and introduce the e-learning method which is indeed a revolutionary step forward in the field of education in Pakistan. The ultimate aim is to educate our students in a manner that induces them to acquire and retain adequate knowledge of their subjects and skills of communication both: oral and written, which will helpfully pave the way for their successful academic careers and practical life.


NCR-CET e-Learning Method

Here at the NCR-CET, we are imparting education with the help of the most advanced method of e-learning and we rightly claim to have introduced this system for the first time in Pakistan. The power of multimedia technologies is being used here for e-learning and in this way we have brought that power to education to be at par with business and industry. With state-of-the-art graphics, animation, audio effects, we have developed applications ranging from chemical reactions to physical laws, mathematical equations to biological functions, accounting practices to business live transactions. Out of a 45-minute lecture, we have succeeded to save nearly 15 to 20 minutes by the use of technology. This saving in time is achieved because our teachers are relieved from writing notes, drawing diagrams, geometrical figures, scientific apparatus, schedules, charts, tables etc. on white boards. All these functions are now being done in much better a way by the computer installed in every classroom.


E-Practical is one of the most effective and efficacious part of our e-Learning System that provides students a virtual environment in which they can do any type of laboratory work/practicals/ or experiments in a virtual manner with the help of our highly interactive software called V-Lab.

NCR-CET College e-Practical System


NCR-CET College e-Testing System

The periodic examinations and tests require comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and careful assessment of the answer scripts. Frequent tests not only enable each and every student to assess his/her progress or otherwise but also encourages him/her to work still harder and perform better in the tests to be held successively. The Weekly or even daily tests are conducted through an e-testing System, that ensures ever-ready availability of question papers and more importantly instant tabulation of results. The NCR-CET e-testing system consists of a huge database of questions and answers, which highlights the academic progress or retrogress of an individual student’s performance.