NCR-CET College Administrator Mrs Talat Qayyum

Mrs. Talat Qayyum

The administration at NCR-CET has a pivotal role to play in the smooth running of overall affairs related to academics and non-academics. We are fully equipped with ICT-supported infrastructure. We have multiple software applications designed internally that provide us an intelligent platform to manage admissions, timetables, examinations, assignments, student and staff attendance, PTMS, student/parent feedback, and other information.

We are a highly dedicated team that works tirelessly to ensure everything is in its place. We are always vigilant and in case of any problem, we try our best to resolve it in no time. Our admin staff members also discharge their duties as coordinators and assist teachers to share their burden. This co-operation is an essential part of our working culture and is fully integrated at every tier of our education system. It is also an evidence of our sincere commitment and teamwork.

Our team facilitates our staff and students a great deal. We make sure that they have access to every information related to their attendance and other matters of their concern. We also make sure that they are not disturbed by the issues caused by external factors so that their entire focus is on teaching and learning.  Being part of NCR-CET College is a matter of great pride for us!