NCR-CET Resolution 23rd March 2023

NCR-CET College Students’ Resolution: Pledging Dedication to Pakistan

Recently, the students of NCR-CET College came together to pass a resolution that highlights their unwavering dedication to their country, Pakistan. This resolution, which was approved by the director of the college, shows the deep connection that these students feel towards their homeland and their commitment to following all of its laws and regulations.

The resolution states that the students’ hearts, souls, emotions, and passions are all dedicated to Pakistan. It highlights the importance of education and progress in their lives, with the ultimate goal of benefiting their country in any way possible. The resolution also emphasizes that this dedication to Pakistan will remain regardless of where these students may find themselves in the world.

The timing of this resolution is significant, as it was passed on Pakistan Day, a national holiday that celebrates the country’s independence. By passing this resolution on such an important day, the NCR-CET College students have shown their commitment to their country and their desire to contribute to its growth and development.

The director of NCR-CET College’s approval of this resolution shows the college’s support for its students’ dedication to Pakistan. It also serves as a message to other educational institutions that they have a responsibility to instill a sense of patriotism and dedication to the country in their students.


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