NCR-CET Cooking Competition 2023


NCR-CET College recently held its “Cooking Competition”, a mega event that showcased the culinary talents of its students.

The competition was a huge success, with many students participating and putting their best dishes forward. The food was judged by none other than Chef Gulzar Hussain, a renowned celebrity chef in Pakistan, and chefs from the COTHM institute. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the quality and creativity of the food and praised the students for their culinary skills.

At NCR-CET College, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that not only prepares students for their future careers but also helps them develop new skills and interests. The “Cooking Competition” was a perfect example of this philosophy in action, giving students the opportunity to discover and hone their culinary talents.

The event was sponsored by BAKE PARLOR, who provided the ingredients and equipment needed to make the competition a success. Their support and commitment to the students and their education is a testament to the strong community that exists at NCR-CET College.

NCR-CET College – Cooking Competition 2023 Promo Video


If you’re looking for a college that offers not only a top-notch education but also exciting opportunities to discover and pursue your passions, look no further than NCR-CET College. Join us and see what amazing things you can achieve!


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