Task/Activity Start End
Commencement of XII Classes 1-Aug-17  
Orientation   for XI 6-Aug-17  
Session 1   (T1) - Commencement of XI Classes 7-Aug-17 16-Sep-17
  Talent Hunt Program 9-Aug-17 15-Sep-17
  Independence Day 14-Aug-17  
  Independence Day (National Songs) 18-Aug-17  
  Selection of Students Counsel 28-Aug-17 2-Sep-17
Eid Ul Azha 1-Sep-17 3-Sep-17
  T1 Exam 16-Sep-17 23-Sep-17
  Trials for Sports 25-Sep-17 4-Oct-17
  Trials for Other Competitions 25-Sep-17 4-Oct-17
Session 2   (T2) 18-Sep-17 27-Oct-17
  Qirat/NaatCompetition 29-Sep-17  
  Aashora 1-Oct-17 2-Oct-17
  Eid Millan 14-Oct-17  
  T2 Exam 28-Oct-17 4-Nov-17
Session 3   (Mid Term) 30-Oct-17 8-Dec-17
  Allama Iqbal Day 9-Nov-17  
  Debate Competition 10-Nov-17  
  1st PT Meeting  25-Nov-17  
  Mid Term Exam 9-Dec-17 23-Dec-17
  Eid e Milad Un Nabi 2-Dec-17  
  Winter Vacations 25-Dec-17 31-Dec-18
  Mid Support 25-Dec-17 31-Dec-18
Session 4   (Pre Prelim) 1-Jan-18 2-Feb-18
  Quiz Competition 5-Jan-18  
  2ndPT Meeting 13-Jan-18  
  Eid e Milad Celebrations 19-Jan-18  
  Pre-Prelim Exam  3-Feb-18 16-Feb-18
  Kashmir Day 5-Feb-18  
Session 5   (Prelim) 19-Feb-18 22-Mar-18
  Picnic 10-Mar-18  
Closing   Support 19-Mar-18 22-Mar-18
  Prelim Exam 24-Mar-18 6-Apr-18
Study Leave 9-Apr-18 21-Apr-18
Board Exams 23-Apr-18 12-May-18
Practical   Revision & Board Practical Exams 14-May-18 2-Jun-18
Projects/Field   Trips 14-May-18 29-Jun-18
Submission of   Continuation Form 14-May-18 9-Jul-18
Board   Practical 28-May-18 2-Jun-18
Extravaganza End of May  
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The above Academic Calendar 2017-18 is a proposed plan. NCR-CET Reserves the right to change any policy without prior information