Best Pre-Medical College In Karachi | NCR-CET College!

Best Pre-Medical College In Karachi
Best Pre-Medical College in Karachi, NCR-CET-College The Leading College in karachi


Best Pre-Medical College In Karachi

The mission of the NCR-CET Intermediate College is to strive for the betterment of education and uplifting its standard by making every classroom a real learning place. The aim is to focus on practical and interactive learning programs relying not only on learning within the classroom but also based on outside academic activities, such as study tours, science tech

Class Rooms

With an innovative approach to teaching, the NCR-CET has not spared anything to make the students learning experience more High Tech and easier. At the NCR-CET lectures are delivered using the latest multimedia technologies in the form of Multimedia Projectors and Big Screen Monitors, making every lecture more productive and objective. Each and every classroom and laboratory is spacious and equipped with powerful air-conditioners which creates a pleasant atmosphere congenial to learning.


The NCR-CET’s library is housed in a spacious room of the college building. It has a good collection of necessary and essential books, periodicals, and journals prescribed and recommended by the BIEK and, in addition, it has a large systematically arranged collection of standard books on science, engineering, and commerce for reading and reference.

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