Best Pre-Engineering College in Karachi

Best Pre-engineering College in karachi
NCR-CET Best Pre-Engineering College in Karachi

The primary function of the NCR-CET Intermediate College is to improve education and better its standard, making every classroom a safe, motivating space for lessons of social, physical, and academic enrichment. The goal is to focus on in-house studies and other academic adventures, including field trips, field studies, and science fairs.

Best Pre-engineering College in Karachi.

NCR-CET is one of the top college in karachi, With the number of Position holder student


With an innovative approach to teaching, the NCR-CET has not spared anything to make the students learning experience more High Tech and easier. At the NCR-CET lectures are delivered using the latest multimedia technologies in the form of Multimedia Projectors and Big Screen Monitors, making every lecture more productive and objective. Each and every classroom and laboratory is spacious and equipped with powerful air-conditioners which creates a pleasant atmosphere congenial to learning.


The NCR-CET laboratories are well furnished and well equipped. In my opinion, laboratories play an essential role in imparting practical aspect of knowledge of exact sciences to students. These laboratories have been built keeping in mind modern functions of science and its application to practical situations.

The college’s computer laboratory is richly equipped with more than 400 Pentium based machines with state of the Art Networking, information systems and the latest softwares. The NCR-CET laboratory staff consists of highly trained professionals, who not only operate these systems to the best of their ability but also train students to operate these systems by using safely the machines. The laboratory is spaciously accommodative which facilitates students to develop their projects or complete their assignments during the course of their study.

The NCR-CET also houses a development laboratory and project center that enable students to create live environments through simulation and prototyping that makes them feel real time settings in managerial and administrative functions. These labs are specifically designed to maintain the International biometrics codes of education.

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